postheadericon Welcome To Ambria


Greetings young traveler.  You have come to the right place!  Please enter the training area and choose your destiny.  Some who enter never return, while others become the legends of the future.  Beware!  The path you choose will forever dominate your fate.

Please take a look around and let the force be your guide.  Whether you choose the light or the dark side of the force, all Jedi are welcome here.

I am Catarina Kerr, and I will be your guide.  Do not hesitate to ask questions for knowledge is the greatest ally of the force.  As to my affiliation, my path lies with the Dark Side.  I find the power of the Dark Side very alluring.  You too will feel this pull as the Dark Side reaches out to control you.


Catarina Kerr

Rebel - Imperial

Star Wars Jedi
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